The latest issue of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science is out!

The latest issue of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science has just been published. This issue, Vol 18, No 2 (2019) has the following articles:

i) Francis P. Mmanda, Jan Erik Lindberg, Anna N. Haldén, Torbjorn Lundh – Mineral content in local feed ingredients used by fish farmers in four different regions of Tanzania

ii) David O. Mirera – Small-scale milkfish (Chanos chanos) farming in Kenya: An overview of the trends and dynamics of production

iii) Emmanuel Japhet, Mwita M. Mangora, Carl C. Trettin, Judith A. Okello – Natural recovery of mangroves in abandoned rice farming areas of the Rufiji Delta, Tanzania

iv) Timothy M. Kakai – Assessing the effectiveness of LED lights for the reduction of sea turtle bycatch in an artisanal gillnet fishery – a case study from the north coast of Kenya

v) Fridah D. Obare, Robert Chira, Dorcus Sigana, Andrew Wamukota – Biophysical factors influencing the choice of nesting sites by the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) on the Kenyan coast

vi) Deogratias P. Mulokozi, Matern S. Mtolera, Aviti J. Mmochi – Spirulina (Arthrospira fusiformis) as a potential protein source in practical diets for fry mariculture of Rufiji tilapia (Oreochromis urolepis urolepis)

vii) Nathan L. Mrombo, Chrisestom Mlewa, Cosmas N. Munga, Julius O. Manyala – Stock status and some biological aspects of Lethrinus lentjan (Lacapede, 1802) from the south coast of Kenya

viii) Rashid O. Anam, Cosmas N. Munga, James R. Gonda – The biology of Goldsilk Sea Bream (family: Sparidae) from the inshore waters of north coast Kenya

ix) Bart Shepherd, Hudson T. Pinheiro, Luiz A. Rocha – Sometimes hard to swallow: Attempted feeding on a porcupinefish results in death of both predator and prey

x) Lola M. Massé, Armand Daydé, Mathieu G. Séré, Florence Trentin – Broadcast spawning in Porites lutea at Reunion Island (Western Indian Ocean)

xi) Bella S. Galil – Re-description and new records of a poorly known leucosiid crab, Merocryptus boletisculpta Zarenkov, 1994 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura)

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