The WIO MPA Outlook Report Highlights!

In preparation for the launch of the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) Marine Protected Areas Outlook report 2021, WIOMSA will support the Nairobi Convention in the release of country-specific factsheets presenting key highlights from the report. WIOMSA is honored to be a part of the MPA Outlook! With the help of WIO nation governments, the Nairobi Convention collaborated with WIOMSA to facilitate the report’s development and publication.

First up is Comoros and its MPAs.  Did you know that an estimated 30% of Comorians are dependent on the fisheries sector?  MPAs can prevent overexploitation of fish stocks, help to maintain food and job security and reduce poverty. Find out more about Comoros actions to achieve SDG 14 here. Join us for the launch of the full MPA Outlook on 16 July 2021!

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