Blue Leadership Journey for Ocean Sustainability: Training for Multipliers

The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) is delighted to invite you to apply for a 6-days in person Training Workshop Blue Leadership for Ocean Sustainability from 16-21st September 2024 in Zanzibar. Applications close on 30th June 2024.


We are experiencing a fundamental shift. The socio-ecological transformation towards a just and safe future is a monumental challenge, especially in coastal regions where a third of the world’s population resides. Countries are striving to develop their ocean economies and implement integrated ocean governance schemes, all while tackling issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, and social inequality, and meeting international targets such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Despite these efforts, progress is slow, and the climate crisis is worsening. Many dedicated “Blue Leaders” involved in this transformation are feeling increasingly resigned, exhausted, and doubtful of their effectiveness. Why is that?

The nature of the challenges we face today has changed fundamentally. We inhabit a highly interconnected and rapidly evolving world where multiple crises intersect. Consequently, many traditional approaches, behaviours and habits are no longer effective and may even be counterproductive. Shaping the present positively and working towards a just and safe future entails more than just implementing specific solutions and technologies; it requires a fundamental shift in our humanity. Cultivating a change in culture and awareness, including our own behaviours, habits, and attitudes, is essential. We must develop new inner and outer skills such as systemic thinking, resilience, and co-creation – “future skills” crucial for effectively driving the transformation towards a socially just and ecologically safe society. To achieve this, we need individuals – Blue Leaders – who embrace these future skills and inspire others by enabling co-creation, leveraging societal transformation and caring for others and the ocean as much as for themselves.

Objective of the Training

The Blue Leadership Journey is a cutting-edge leadership training that supports marine environmental change agents to strengthen their efforts for a healthy ocean and people. The Blue Leadership Journey supports you to make a fundamental difference for sustainable marine and coastal ecosystem management. You will:

  • Learn to better understand systemic interrelationships and levers for profound transformation, and thereby become more effective in shaping (societal) change processes,
  • Further develop innovation, co-creation and problem-solving skills in dealing with today’s challenges,
  • Further develop your self-efficacy by strengthening trust, individual resilience and self-care,
  • Develop new patterns of awareness, thinking, feeling and action as a basis for life-enhancing change processes, and
  • Connect with other like-minded Blue Leaders from the region and become a multiplier for Blue Leadership within your spheres of influence.

Who can apply

We invite applications from participants with the following profile:

  • Professionals in marine and coastal conservation and management, or related sectors.
  • Experiences in or with leadership in practice (taking responsibility, leading people, engaging for a topic or alike).
  • Curiosity to experience experiential educational concepts.
  • High level of self-reflection and inter-personal competencies.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Interest and willingness to be a multiplier for Blue Leadership approaches.

Download the call for applications here: Blue Leadership for Ocean Sustainability

How to apply:

Interested parties are invited to submit their applications by filling out the application form here or clicking on the QR code below.


Please apply by 30th June 2024. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact copied to

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