Resilience-Based Management Online Course

The Reef Resilience Network is excited to announce that the new Resilience-Based Management Online Course is available in EnglishBahasa IndonesiaFrench, and Spanish. More than 700 people registered for the mentored version in May, and now you can enroll in the self-paced version. 98% of the mentored course participants who finished the course would recommend it to a colleague!

This free course is designed to provide marine managers and practitioners a comprehensive overview of the concepts of resilience and how they can be applied to coral reef management. Lessons include:

  1. Principles of Reef Resilience
  2. Resilience-Based Management
  3. Adaptive Management
  4. Developing a Resilience Strategy

The Resilience-Based Management Online Course was developed with global experts, in partnership with the Resilient Reefs Initiative, Great Barrier Reef Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coral Reef Conservation Program, and the International Coral Reef Initiative.

You must create a free account on Conservation Training to access the course. If you have questions, contact

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