PhD post: Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

The Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University is pleased to announce a PhD post at Campus Gotland in Visby within the research program Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRHU). The PhD project will focus on the thematic area “Management and valuation of recreational fisheries”.

NRHU is seeking a PhD student who can contribute to developing research in any of the following areas: (1) Anglers’ perspective on the quality of fishing and fishing destination in a context of management and socio-economic valuation; (2) Anglers’ knowledge and attitudes to prioritized management tools and measures; or (3) Evaluation of environmental measures and restorations in aquatic environments. The research results are expected to contribute to the development of recommendations for the future management of recreational fishing and fishing tourism, thereby ensuring socio-economic values ​​and ecosystem services from coastal areas, lakes and rivers.

Read more about the position and the application procedure here.

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