May 17, 2023
We are accepting articles for the June 2023 edition of the WIOMSA Newsbrief. Submissions shall be in the following categories Highlights from recently published papers: this segment features the key findings from recently published papers. Specifications: Submissions shall be no more than 600 words in non- scientific language and should include the link to the...
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Dahari has been working since 2013 to support rural communities to restore ecosystems in the Comoros through three programs: forests, agroforests and marine. Dahari has 60 employees on the islands of Anjouan and Grande Comore with an annual budget of around €800,000. In order to maximize its impact,  Dahari Comoros is looking for a profile...
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Would you like to learn more about the issues between turtle nesting and beach erosion? Come take part in this workshop, organised as part of ICO Solutions and RASTOMA, to find out more about the protection of nesting sites from the retreat of the coastline. Join us, alongside our international experts, to listen to their feedback, share your experiences and ask your questions. Open to...
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POGO Member, IOCAS (China) has received funding approval for a 7-day training course on Subsurface Mooring Design, Recovery and Deployment. This training initiative will be carried out in conjunction with JAMSTEC and SCRIPPS, and is expected to have a capacity for around 50 participants. Overview: Many ocean processes that scientists want to study are either...
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Ms Mary-May Jeremie
Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT)
Oceangate House, Room 109
Flamboyant Avenue, Victoria

Vice President
Dr Nina Wambiji
Kenya Marine and Fisheries
Research Institute (KMFRI)
P.O. Box 81651, Mombasa 80100, KENYA

Dr Blandina Lugendo
School of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology,
University of Dar es Salaam, Kunduchi,
P.O. Box 60091
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA