Its on: the Floating University Project “École bleu outremer, Cap sur l’Océan Indien”

Seventy five- students- among them, eleven, from the Western Indian Ocean region- are today starting an exciting expedition on board the RV Marion Dufrense!  The  students have been selected as part of  the “École bleu outremer, Cap sur l’Océan Indien”;  an interdisciplinary, inter-professional and international floating university project. The programme’s primary goal is to promote training and capacity building, as well as to train young people in the chosen area in their respective scientific and maritime branches of activity, by allowing them to use the resources and tools provided on board the Marion Dufrense. The expedition will take place over two legs, the first on 28 June- 7 July and leg two on 8- 24 July 2022.

WIOMSA is supporting 11 students from Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius to attend the floating school. Also in attendance at the fellowship are VIP voyagers and researchers from the region, Dr. Nina Wambiji- Assistant Director (Marine Fisheries), Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute and WIOMSA Country Coordinator for Kenya and Sheena Talma- NEKTON and  WIOMSA & WiMS member from Seychelles.

The area and journey chosen for the oceanographic campaign (La Réunion, Glorieuse Island and  Mayotte) will allow participating students to be
trained in ocean physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, with a strong focus on biodiversity and the seismic activity around Mayotte. The methods and tools that will be used will fully take advantage of the multiple possibilities offered by R/V Marion Dufresne, both at sea and during transits and stopovers.

WIOMSA, together with IFREMER, will be following the students on their adventure of a lifetime and we post regular updates on this exciting voyage! Follow the journey on the WIOMSA social media platforms Facebook  Twitter Instagram LinkedIn.


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