Science-to-policy uptake in WIO region: Short survey

The South African Institute of International Affairs is developing a science-to-policy uptake guidance document for the Western Indian Marine Science Association through the project MeerWissen: African-German Partners for Ocean Knowledge. They wish to develop a practical, user-friendly document that draws on the experiences of researchers and the policy community in the region (and beyond). For this reason, they hope that you will assist them by sharing your thoughts on what it takes to achieve successful science-to-policy uptake. They have developed a short survey (only four content questions), which can be accessed through the link below.

Note that you do not have to be based in the Western Indian Ocean to participate in this survey.

They further encourage you to pass this survey on to your colleagues and contacts, both researchers, policy stakeholders and practitioners.


Any queries related to this survey or the guidance may be directed to Alex Benkenstein  at

All responses should please be submitted by Wednesday 02 October 2019.

They wish to give acknowledgment to an original article by Sarah Carr, published on Skimmer, on which the questions included in this survey are based.

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