30 Years of WIOMSA: Taking Stock of 30 Years of Swedish Government Support to WIOMSA

WIOMSA is celebrating 30 years since its founding in 1993! To commemorate this achievement, we have produced a booklet 30 Years of WIOMSA, to reflect on the Swedish Government’s three decades of support for the advancement of marine science in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region.

The booklet focuses on the origins of WIOMSA; highlighting its progression from an initial concept to becoming the most important marine and coastal science network in the WIO region and Africa.  The publication tracks the evolution of the Association’s goals over three decades and its adherence to a core dual strategy of science and service of people in the face of challenges and opportunities in a changing world.

Dr. Arthur Tuda,  with former WIOMSA Board Members- Dr Jacqueline Uku, Dr Nirmal Shah and Dr. Louis Celliers- and the WIOMSA team  during the launch of the booklet

The booklet was unveiled on the second day of the Marine Regions Forum, during  a launchpad reception which celebrated several new and ongoing initiatives in the WIO region including the WIOMPAN Network video; the NoCaMo project and the Our Blue Future Transformation Network.

Download the booklet: 30 Years of WIOMSA.

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