Project Launch: Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication

Communications Inc, in partnership with Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and IOC-UNESCO, are excited to welcome you to the launch of “Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication”, a collaborative, research-led project to gather evidence and co-produce ocean-climate communications guidance.

This call will:

  •  Introduce the project and its objectives
  •  Outline key activities
  •  Explain how you can get involved

Project Introduction and Background

This multi stakeholder project aims to bring together the global community of ocean communicators to advance the practice of strategic communications, make evidence and tools more accessible to all, and galvanise greater investment in ocean communications.

Through a process of consultation, working groups and events, we aim to identify needs and best practices in ocean communication and co-produce actionable, accessible guidance and resources. The project will include a process of consultation and working groups looking at specific themes, leading to an ‘Ocean Communications Symposium’ around the UN Ocean Decade Conference in Barcelona. A 12-month campaign and series of training sessions will disseminate the guidance globally and encourage uptake.

The project emerged from needs and opportunities identified in various ocean forums between 2022-2023 involving civil society, philanthropy, social science and communicators, and the concept has been tested and revised in collaboration with different organisations.

Date and time: 24 January 2024: 7.00 PM EAT



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