Marine Regions Forum 2023 Photography Competition

The Marine Regions Forum team is excited to announce that a photography competition is open for submissions, focusing on the 2023 theme “Navigating ocean sustainability in the Western Indian Ocean and beyond.”

Individuals of all ages, backgrounds, expertise, and levels of photography experience are welcome to participate. We hope that this photography competition will be a great way to link people from different backgrounds and countries and to showcase the fascinating work being done across a wide range of disciplines. Join us in capturing what ocean sustainability looks like to you by submitting entries relating to your ocean and coastal region: its seascape, landscape, species, research work, coastal communities, cities, and cultures.

The deadline for all photo submissions is 1st November 2023. 

How to Enter:
1. Take your photo and save your image with the format FirstName_LastName_
2. Add in a short and catchy caption (less than 50 words) including the location featured.
3. Email your submissions to

Read more on the submission process and competition guidelines here.

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