Call for applications to join the Advisory Board of the UN Decade on Ecosystems Restoration

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 has launched a public call for applications to become  Advisory board members for the term May 2023 to April 2025. Application deadline is 15 April 2023. As outlined in the board Terms of Reference, board members serve in their individual capacity and include members from Indigenous Peoples, local communities, civil society, youth, farmers, women’s groups, restoration experts, media and culture, and private sector. The Advisory Board makes recommendations, inspires and amplifies the UN Decade’s goals and promotes and represents the UN Decade. Please find here the details of the call, including expectations to board members and the details of the application process.

Please follow the Advisory board on its new social media channels on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as all UN Decade activities through the hashtag #GenerationRestoration.

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