TOR for assessing governance capacity for SSF management in Kenya

WCS Kenya, the Nature Conservancy and partners have a national project working with all 90 fishing communities, government agencies, and all local NGOs to explore what an optimal network of voluntary community closures might look like considering ecological systems and social capacity.

A key part of the work is to assess community governance capacity in small-scale fisheries and to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in coastal communities across the nation. The results of the project will be a map of ecological priorities for voluntary fisheries protection and an assessment of community capacity that can be overlaid on this to determine priority areas for future work and can contribute to the national Kenya marine spatial planning process. WCS invites consultants to evaluate the national governance capacity of SSF communities, their interests in various management approaches, and key needs.

Bidding process

Interested Consultants are encouraged to submit a technical and financial proposal that will be required to undertake this assignment in the most efficient manner to produce a high-quality product through Mr. Remy Oddenyo of WCS, email: by March 31, 2023.

Download the terms of reference .

Photo: Rahim Saggaf

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