Invitation to the Larval-Fish Session at the Indo-Pacific Fish Conference

A session entitled Larval fishes – solving phylogenetic, life-cycle and ecological questions will be part of the XI Indo-Pacific Fish Conference to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 22-24 November 2023.

Most marine bony fishes have a two-phase life history with pelagic larvae that differ in morphology, ecology and habitat from the adults.  These phases operate in separate evolutionary theatres, and ecologically, effectively function as separate species. Larval morphological features provide characters for phylogenetic analysis and aspects of life history are determined during the larval phase, including recruitment and scale of genetic and demographic connectivity.  Although larval survival is necessary for persistence of species, larvae are often neglected by researchers and managers focused on adults. This session will address many of the unanswered questions about the pelagic larval phase of Indo-Pacific fishes.

The session will be co-chaired by Jeff Leis (University of Tasmania; je**********@ut**.au), Lynnath Beckley (Murdoch University; L.*******@mu*****.au), and  Ainhoa Bernal (Institut de Ciències del Mar; be****@ic*.es). Those interested in contributing to the larval fish session should contact one of the session co-chairs. Submission closes on 11 June 2023.

The conference website is –

Photo: Mike Bartick, Ocean Image Bank

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