Consultancy on gender-based challenges and opportunities in small scale fisheries in the Tanga-Pemba Seascape

WIOMSA  is pleased to announce a consultancy  to conduct research on gender-based challenges and opportunities in small scale fisheries in the Tanga-Pemba Seascape area, Tanzania.

The consultancy aims to undertake a gender assessment and develop a plan of action to promote gender equality in small-scale fisheries (SSF) and management of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Tanga-Pemba Seascape Area as part of the 12-month pilot project “Towards a Blue Future in the Tanga-Pemba.  Seascape Initiative”. The projected is co-implemented by WIOMSA and the IUCN Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) through funding from the Irish Embassy in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania.

The objectives of the gender assessment are to document the gender situation on the policy, legal, institutional frameworks, and strategies for the in SSF in the Tanga-Pemba Seascape; to identify opportunities and risks of promoting gender integration in the Tanga- Pemba Seascape Area small-scale fisheries and management of marine and coastal ecosystems; and to identify the key barriers limiting gender socio-economic transformation within the Seascape Area and their implications.

The consultant will develop a  plan of action to address the gender challenges, detailing approaches towards address gender socio-economic issues identified in the gender assessment. The plan will define approaches that strengthen women’s participation in the SSF, including post- harvest activities (processing and marketing) and aquaculture; outline approaches for capacity building, knowledge management and transfer to enhance gender equality and women empowerment; and generate gender – sensitive monitoring and evaluation indicators that will be integrated into the overall programme Monitoring &Evaluation framework.

Application process

The assignment  is expected to take no more than 8 weeks to complete. Interested consultant(s) are requested to submit their technical proposal (with work plan) and financial proposals demonstrating their ability to deliver on this assignment based on their qualifications and experience. Profiles of the team members demonstrating their academic and professional qualifications and experiences in similar work profiles of the team members are to be included too. The methodology to be used should be clearly explained. Applications should be sent electronically (email) to  and a copy  to; email subject line < Gender Analysis in Tanga-Pemba Seascape>. The application should be received no later than 20th March 2023. Any need for clarifications on the Terms of Reference should be directed to

Download the full terms of reference.

Photo: Queuing for sardines in Tanga, © January Ndagala

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