UN Ocean Decade Ocean Prediction Centre kick-off meeting set for January 2023

Mercator Ocean International (a key partner of the GEMS ocean and data hub on essential ocean variables) is hosting the UN Ocean Decade, Ocean Prediction Centre kick off meeting. The meeting will be held on  January 11th & 12th 2023.  The Ocean Prediction official launch will be hosted on a collaborative platform and will be an interactive event centered on community building and connection of different sectors and activities. The GEMS Ocean Programme is an approved UN Decade on Ocean Science collaborating with the Ocean Prediction Centre to promote ocean forecasting in cooperation with the UNEP Regional Seas Programme.

The agenda will comprise live conferences, roundtables, regional discussions, but also permanently opened halls with virtual booths highlighting different operational ocean forecasting systems around the world, UN Decade programmes, and success stories from the ocean forecasting community. Networking features such as chats, business cards, posts, or surveys will furthermore allow OceanPrediction to start connecting your community. Register on this link to be a part of the Community:  http://bit.ly/OP-dcc

Video Submissions

As part of the kick-off meeting, GEMS Ocean Programme is calling on young scientists (no more than 30 years old ) to submit videos on their vision for the ocean. Entrants are requested to register in the Community: http://bit.ly/OP-dcc  and then record their videos outdoors. The video should contain the following content: “My name is …, I am from…. (country) and I am… (occupation). My vision for the future of the ocean is …(one sentence), so I joined OceanPrediction community“. The video should be recorded on the phone, in a cool, beautiful and representative place, in portrait mode, for 30 seconds tops! If you want to record in your language (preferred option), please provide a translation to English so that sub-titles are added. The deadline for video submissions is 28th December 2022. Videos should be sent to  oceanprediction@mercator-ocean.fr.

Please contact  Niccolo.Bassan@un.org and copied to joana.akrofi@un.org in case of questions.

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