November 16, 2022
Action Room 1, Climate Action Zone, Blue Zone On Wednesday 16 November 2022, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, Egypt time, the High-level Climate Champions, the MPGCA for Ocean and Coastal Zones and the Ocean & Climate Platform, together with partners, will host the Ocean Action Day: “Ocean for Climate – Implementing ocean-based climate action...
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Dr. Jacqueline Uku
Kenya Marine and Fisheries
Research Institute (KMFRI)
P.O. Box 81651, Mombasa 80100 KENYA

Vice President
Prof. Ranjeet Bhagooli
Faculty of Science
University of Mauritius
Reduit 80837

Prof. Yunus Mgaya
National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR)
P.O. Box 9653
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA