Opening of World Fisheries University in South Korea

World Fisheries University (hereinafter WFU) Graduate Program at Pukyoung National University (hereinafter PKNU) is planned to be launched in the Fall of 2017. The Graduate School is sponsored by the Korean Government, which strives to be a pioneer in the fisheries industry by enhancing the human resources of developing countries.

As Korea’s first professional school dedicated exclusively to fisheries affairs, the WFU Graduate School is determined to produce outstanding experts in this field.

Sustainable development, prevention and settlement of conflicts and human rights, and securing democracy are the three main aims of the UN. The international community has regarded South Korea as being at the forefront in these areas. PKNU has long maintained its reputation for advancing the fisheries industry to obtain food security and to contribute to sustainable development.

PKNU has been a leader in the history of the fisheries industry for the last 70 years, producing a number of experts through its extensive research facilities and internationally recognized academics. Graduates have pursued careers in diverse fields from government agencies to universities and research centers as professors and researchers, while others have entered the private industry working in such areas as engineering and manufacturing.

  • Academic Duration: September 1, 2017 – February 22, 2019 (18 months)
  • Degree: Master of Fisheries Sciences (Aquaculture Technology, Fisheries Resources Management, and Social Sciences)
  •  Admission Schedule

Application period: June 1st ~ July 14th 2017

Admission Notification: July 28th 2017

<Where to submit your application>

Address : Office of International Affairs, Pukyoung National University 45 Yongso-ro, Nam-gu, Busan 48513, Republic of Korea Contact. TEL. +82-51-629-6846 /

The DHL fee will be paid by the WFU Graduate School.

For necessary inquiries, please call or email to Programme coordinator, Ms. Sunny Kwon.

Tel. +82-51-629-6682 /

Please check the attached files and link for more details.

Pukyong National University Website:

Graduate School of World Fisheries University(WFU) Programme

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