2017 Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice: First Announcement – Call for Abstracts and Proposals

All interested are invited to submit proposals for special sessions and workshops, and abstracts for oral and poster presentations for the 2017 Symposium of Contemporary Conservation Practice.

Please submit all proposals for special sessions and/or workshops for consideration by 30 June 2017 using the online submission system.

Please submit all abstracts for oral and poster presentations for consideration by 4 August 2017 using the online submission system. If you are experiencing issues with the online submission system, please email secretariat@conservationsymposium.com, and we will assist.

This symposium offers a platform for the conservation community to share and explore issues and recent developments in the science and practice of conservation, and in understanding and communicating the value of biodiversity to society.

It seeks to identify solutions to critical issues and to impact policy in order to enhance conservation efforts in Africa and beyond. It also aims to promote partnerships between government agencies, conservation authorities, non-governmental organisations, legal practitioners, communicators and other relevant professionals and stakeholders, to address the contemporary conservation challenges of our world.

This is a CONSERVATION SYMPOSIUM not just a science forum its scope is conservation in its full context including governance, science, management, decision-making, stake-holder engagement and the assessment of effectiveness of efforts and interventions.

It is of relevance to decision-makers and policy developers, conservation managers, scientists, law makers and to communities and stakeholders who live in and depend on the use of biodiversity.


  • Protected area management effectiveness
  • Management of protected areas and buffer zones
  • Transboundary conservation
  • Conserving in the face of global change
  • Managing ecological and evolutionary processes
  • Threatened species conservation
  • Advances in monitoring and surveillance
  • Mitigating threats to biodiversity, wildlife crime, and invasive alien species
  • Valuing biodiversity, ecosystem goods and services, biodiversity and livelihoods, and resource economics
  • Land-use and conservation planning
  • Securing critical biodiversity areas
  • Co-management of protected areas and biodiversity
  • Integration of cultural and biodiversity management
  • Media and communication
  • Legal, policy and ethical issues
  • Implementation of global / multinational agreements


Special Session Submission Deadline: 30 June 2017

Abstract Submission Deadline: 4 August 2017

Preliminary Programme Available: 25 August 2017

Registration Forms Available: 10 July 2017

Early Bird Payments: 15 September 2017

Registration Closes and Payments Deadline: 13 October 2017

All Other Payments (Late): 17 November 2017

Official Opening of Symposium: Monday 14h00 6 November 2017

Official Closing of Symposium: Friday 13h00 10 November 2017

For any queries, contact Freyni or Erica:


+27 (0)49 842 4335 or +27 (0)83 256 7202

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