Coral Communities in the Seychelles – Training Opportunities

The Earthwatch (an international NGO based in the UK – ) will again be running two training teams (Teams 1 & 2) on coral reef conservation monitoring and community research programme, Coral Communities in the Seychelles Project in in April/May 2017.

The exact dates are yet to be confirmed but we will be sending out the confirmed dates and further detailed information about these opportunities and application forms next month. Please share this information with your networks where appropriate and anyone who you may like to nominate. If you would like to receive further information about the application process, please get in touch with me directly. The deadline for submissions will be in January.

These are fully funded fellowship places (including travel to and from the site) open to early career conservationists and would be of interest to students and/or staff members looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Team 1 will be based on Curieuse Island and will involve collecting and analysing data from within the marine park. There are three spaces available on this team and the successful candidates will be joined by a mix of corporate employees from Mitsubishi Corporation, early career conservationists and divers from within the Indian Ocean Region. This is an excellent opportunity for any accomplished diver and keen conservationist to develop hands-on field research skills within a marine environment.  It is also a great opportunity to connect with a truly diverse and international group of individuals coming from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

On Team 2 the research focuses on the socio-economic aspects of the programme and looks at the effects that climate change and unsustainable fishing has on local coastal communities. The team  will be based on Praslin Island in the Seychelles and will bring together early career conservationists and environmentalists from within the African and Indian Ocean region looking to hone their research management and delivery skills from a social sciences perspective. This training is part of Earthwatch’ Capacity Development Programme which aims to deliver relevant training to local conservationists in Africa, Asia and Middle East.

If you are interested in learning more about these training places and would like to receive further information please contact, Katherine McGavin (

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6 Responses
  1. Tom Farago

    I’m french student available from march to august 2017 and I’m really interested by the training you are proposing. I would like to receive more information mainly about the team 1 project, and how to apply.
    Please contact me by email
    Tom Farago

  2. Tom Farago

    I’m french student in engineering for sustainable development in southern countries and I would like to apply as member of the team 1.
    Please tell me where I can submit my application and send my CV and cover letter.
    Tom farago