Webinar: MPA Ecological monitoring

Two methods to assess coral reef fish and urchin populations

The need for research and monitoring for adaptive management of marine protected areas (MPAs) is well understood in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) and there are currently national and regional programs that undertake research and monitoring of coral reefs. Nonetheless, limitations include inadequate funds and low capacity and skills leading to a lack of reliable and long-term national monitoring data in many WIO countries. Therefore, simple tools that can be easily deployed and provide real-time data can greatly increase the ability to monitor and utilize the data for management.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and with support from the Blue Action Fund, has been working to increase the capacity for management of the Kisite/Mpunguti marine park and reserve (KMMPR). One of the key activities of the project was to build the capacity of the staff of the KMMPR in ecological monitoring. This webinar describes and shares the pros and cons of low-tech affordable methodologies for monitoring fish biomass and sea urchin predation, key metrics that contribute to understanding the health of coral reefs.

The KWS with co-hosts, WCS, WIOMPAN and WIOMSA welcome you to this webinar that we hope will be insightful and useful for MPA managers and practitioners and coral reef researchers in the WIO.

When:  25th March 2024

Time: 1000 HRS EAT

Duration: 90 mins

Language: English

Registration & agenda: Download the event agenda and scan the QR Code below  or click here to register.

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