International Festival of Sciences and Arts: The sea as the future of the Indian Ocean

The countries of the Indian Ocean, and the Comoros archipelago in particular, are made up of a group of islands whose sea is a remarkable source of heritage and tourism in the Indian Ocean. With a population of less than a million inhabitants living on a narrow, rich and varied island, the sea remains a heritage to be inhabited, used, experienced, discovered and invented in the Comoros. The Indian Ocean archipelago is a sea full of stories, stories of foundations, diversity and shared knowledge. Despite this richness, it faces many challenges linked to human and natural actions such as natural disasters, uncontrolled population movements, looting, inappropriate management of resources and climate change, among others.

It is in this context that CNDRS and ICOMOS COMORES in collaboration with Océan5, R-POC, WIOMSA, WIOMPAN, the French Embassy in the Union of the Comoros, the European Union, the Comorian government and other partners (AUF, IOC, UNDP and the European Union) will be organising a festival of science and the arts, under the theme; “The sea as the future of the Indian Ocean in the Comoros archipelago”, from 18 to 21 September 2023 in Moroni in the Union of the Comoros.

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management are invited to share experiences of both functional networks of marine protected areas and on factors that enables a sustainable blue economy. A smart planning and design of the marine management will bring Life below water.

This event will provide an opportunity to discuss how the sea, beyond its threats, can serve as a future with its potential resources. How can we build a sustainable future for the Indian Ocean archipelago? The festival will bring together professionals and directors, teachers and researchers, experts and consultants in fisheries and the environment, culture and the arts, heritage and tourism from the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe, Asia and America to discuss new approaches to presenting the sea in the Indian Ocean.

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