Global Environmental Outlook 7: call for nominations of ocean experts

UNEP’s ground-breaking seventh Global Environment Outlook is  calling for authors, review editors, fellows and collaborating centres to assess how to implement solutions in the global energy, food and materials/waste systems and their supporting economic and financial models, rather than continuing to examine what needs to be done. Experts on ocean and marine systems are invited to join the journey that will assess the policy pathways, the technologies and the behavioural changes that will push the transformative actions that are needed in these systems, to create an environmentally sustainable world by 2050.

Please consult the nomination letter from UNEP’s Executive Director and the assessment co-chairs, the assessment scoping document, the GEO-7 story and press release to join the most ambitious, innovative and solutions-focused GEO yet.

Prospective nominees are kindly requested to upload their nomination letter and CV on the dedicated nomination portal at the following web address: before 31 January 2023, to facilitate an effective selection process.

Photo credit: Isabelle Ravinia.

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