Webinar: Deep-sea research in the WIO

WIOMSA and NEKTON are co-hosting a webinar on deep-sea research in the Western Indian Ocean.

.Deep-reef  and deep-sea habitats comprise  more than 95% of habitable space on the planet and convey many benefits to society such as regulating our planet’s climate and providing vital fisheries for growing economies. Currently, they are poorly explored and remain largely unprotected, as they are difficult and expensive to monitor and access, resulting in critical knowledge gaps for sustainable management and conservation decisions. Still, over the last decade there have been several WIO-focused research projects exploring those deeper water habitats.

The purpose of this webinar to provide an initial overview the deep sea, highlight some recent research efforts in the WIO, and connect regional researchers working in this field. Ultimately, we want to gauge if there is an interest for a special networking group focusing on those deeper environments, and identify opportunities and actions that will enhance future deep-sea research and collaboration.

Date: 22nd of April, 12:00-16-00 (GMT+3)

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