New release: the WIO Journal of Marine Science!

A new issue of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science (WIOJMS) has just been published! WIOJMS Volume 20 : Issue I, contains the following 12 papers:

Impact of a ring net fishery in the inshore marine waters of Kilifi on the reproductive biology of six pelagic fish species . David K. Bett, Mwakio Tole, Chrisestom M. Mlewa

Local people and mangroves: Ecosystem perception and valuation on the south west coast of Mauritius. Shafiiq Abib, Chandani Appadoo

Seasonal variability of vertical patterns in chlorophyll-a fluorescence in the coastal waters off Kimbiji, Tanzania. Nyamisi Peter, Masumbuko Semba, Charles Lugomela, Margareth Kyewalyanga

Efficacy of Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae on growth improvement of hybrid Nile and Rufiji tilapia populations. Levinus L. Mapenzi, Matern S.P. Mtolera, Dirk J. de Koning, Aviti J. Mmochi

First evaluation of coral recruitment in Madagascar. Gildas G.B. Todinanahary, Nomeniarivelo Hasintantely, Igor Eeckhaut, Thierry Lavitra

Quick and cost-effective mapping of subsistence and artisanal fishing areas within and adjacent to a marine protected area. Marcos A.M. Pereira, Tânia I.F.C. Pereira, Cristina M.M. Louro, Carlos Litulo, Raquel S. Fernandes

Growth, mortality, exploitation rate and recruitment pattern of Octopus cyanea (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) in the WIO region: A case study from the Mafia Archipelago, Tanzania. Mathew O. Silas, Mary A. Kishe, Johnson G. Mshana, Masumbuko L. Semba, Said S. Mgeleka, Bigeyo N. Kuboja, Benjamin P. Ngatunga, Muhaji A. Chande, Patroba Matiku

Effects of different types of manure on the culture of marine plankton as a potential source of food for mariculture hatcheries. Fadhili M. Malesa, Margareth S. Kyewalyanga, Rose J. Masalu

Population characteristics and exploitation of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares Bonnaterre, 1788) in the coastal waters of Kenya. Edward Kimakwa, Micheni Ntiba, Agnes Muthumbi

Fibropapillomatosis infection in a population of green turtles at Watamu Bay, Kenya. Sharon M. Jones, Itamar Caspi, Charles Lucas

Diversity of mangrove fungal endophytes from selected mangrove species of coastal Kenya. Helen M. Kiti, Cosmas N. Munga, Josiah O. Odalo, Paul M. Guyo, Cromwell M. Kibiti

Presence of microplastics in jellyfish (Crambionella orsini) along the Kenyan coast. Winnie Awuor, Agnes Muthumbi, Deborah V. Robertson-Andersson

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The Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science (WIOJMS) provides an avenue for the wide dissemination of high quality research generated in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region, in particular on the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources. The journal publishes original research articles dealing with all aspects of marine science and coastal management. Topics include, but are not limited to: theoretical studies, oceanography, marine biology and ecology, fisheries, recovery and restoration processes, legal and institutional frameworks, and interactions/relationships between humans and the coastal and marine environment. In addition, Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science features state-of-the-art review articles and short communications. The journal will, from time to time, consist of special issues on major events or important thematic issues. Submitted articles are subjected to standard peer-review prior to publication.



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