Ocean Exchange Awards 2021: Invitation to register Innovative Solutions

The Ocean Exchange is pleased to announce  that its 2021 calls for innovative solutions are now open for entries to compete for monetary awards in the following categories:

The Orcelle and Neptune Awards

These are two 100,000 USD each monetary awards. The Orcelle Award will go to the innovation that focuses on making the maritime shipping industry more sustainable. The Neptune Award is given to the solution that advances our understanding of the ocean and that helps minimize our impact on these resources resulting in more resilient bodies of water including healthy marine life and coastlines. All entries must be submitted by  11:59pm GMT on Monday, August 23,
2021.  Read more about the awards .

Innovative Collegiate Solutions

Open to graduate and undergraduate students, there are three collegiate awards in 2021. The Collegiate Award of $25,000 will be given to the solution that advances the decarbonization of the maritime shipping industry, either while underway or while in port. The Broward College and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation awards of $10,000 each are given to solutions that advance our understanding of the ocean and that helps minimize our impacts on these resources. All solutions must be registered by  11:59pm GMT on Monday,  September 20, 2021. Read more about the collegiate awards




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