A new issue of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science (WIOJMS) has just been published!

This issue contains 12 articles:

Caroline Daley

Batuli M. Yahya, Saleh A. Yahya, Aviti J. Mmochi, Narriman S. Jiddawi

Bruce Q. Mann, Gareth L. Jordaan, Ryan Daly

Joyce O. Kerubo, Agnes W. Muthumbi, John M. Onyari, Edward N. Kimani, Deborah Robertson-Andersson

Rashid O. Anam, Chrisestom M. Mwatete, Nina Wambiji

Cecilia O. Olima, Paul K. Muoria, Margaret A. Owuor

Matthews Wafula, Agnes W. Muthumbi, Virginia Wangondu, Charles Kihia, Julius Okondo

Charlotte D. Van Driessche, Nakia Cullain, Yara Tibiriçá, Ian O’Connor

Katie E. Reeve-Arnold, Jennifer A. Keeping, Vic G. Cockcroft, Almeida Guissamulo


Read the full issue here! 

The Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science (WIOJMS) provides an avenue for the wide dissemination of high quality research generated in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region, in particular on the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources. The journal publishes original research articles dealing with all aspects of marine science and coastal management. Topics include, but are not limited to: theoretical studies, oceanography, marine biology and ecology, fisheries, recovery and restoration processes, legal and institutional frameworks, and interactions/relationships between humans and the coastal and marine environment. In addition, Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science features state-of-the-art review articles and short communications. The journal will, from time to time, consist of special issues on major events or important thematic issues. Submitted articles are subjected to standard peer-review prior to publication.

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