Call for submission of discussion papers for the WIO Science to Policy meeting

In response to the decisions of the Contracting Parties, the Nairobi Convention Secretariat and WIOMSA in collaboration with partners will convene a Science to Policy meeting in February 2021. The meeting will promote the link between science and policy for evidence-based decision making and provide the COP with timely technical advice and policy recommendations for consideration in the formulation of decisions during the upcoming Tenth COP of the Nairobi Convention scheduled for May 2021.

The Nairobi Convention will organize the meeting with support of the GEF-funded WIOSAP and SAPPHIRE projects; the “Partnership project for marine and coastal governance and fisheries management for sustainable blue growth (NC-SWIOFC); and the EU Capacity Building Related To Multilateral Environmental Agreements (EU-MEAs) Project, in collaboration with WIOMSA.

In preparation for the Science to Policy (SPP) meeting in February 2021, the Nairobi Convention in partnership with WIOMSA are calling on partners in the WIO region to develop discussion papers on various coastal and marine issues affecting the WIO region that will be presented and discussed at the Science to Policy meeting. It is envisaged that these discussion papers will provide a scientific basis for decision making at the national and regional levels. It is expected that the papers will have regional relevance, applicability and alignment with WIO country priorities. The papers should also contribute to the preparation of potential policy decisions to be considered at the Tenth Conference of Parties to the Nairobi Convention to be held in May 2021.

Please read the Concept note for more details on the criteria for reviewing the discussion papers; objectives, structure and themes of the Science to Policy workshop.

Discussion papers for consideration to be submitted to the Executive Secretary, WIOMSA ( and copied to Tim Andrew ( and Jared Bosire ( with “Submission to 2020 SPP” as subject by the 30th of October 2020.

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