Get ready to learn about the sea slugs of Maputaland

sea-slugs-maputaland-maputo-stLucia-A Guide to the sea slugs of the Maputaland Coast

A Guide to the sea slugs of the Maputaland Coast, co-authored by  Jenny Strömvoll and Georgina Jones is soon to be published in the coming days. The book, which is supported by WIOMSA, is a guide to the sea slugs found along the Maputaland Coast, that runs from St. Lucia in the south to Maputo in the north.

This book shows 356 species of which 122 are possibly species new to science and a further 21 need more investigation or may be part of species complexes. The biodiversity of this part of the coast is reflected in the diversity of sea slugs. That such a high number of sea slugs thrive in this area is a great indicator of the variety of marine life in general

“In A Guide to the Sea Slugs of the Maputaland Coast, Jenny Strömvoll and Georgina Jones provide a feast of wonderful photographs, carefully researched, accurate identifications, and fascinating snippets of information” – Emeritus Professors George Branch and Charles Griffiths, University of Cape Town

(text and photo source – book cover)