Call for proposals for short-term taxonomic research grants in Belgium (GTI National Focal Point)

The Belgian National Focal Point to the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) are happy to inform you that the 2017 Belgian GTI external call for proposals is open!

Scientists from the partner developing countries of the Belgian Development cooperation (see list below) can apply for a short-term grant to come to Belgium in 2017 for taxonomic training and access to collections!

The 2017 call aims at funding short-term visits in Belgium for students or young researchers (<40 years old) in order to help building their scientific and technical expertise on biodiversity and ecosystem services and/or access collections in Belgium.

Eligible countries: Algeria – Benin* – Burkina Faso* – Burundi* – Cabo Verde – Cambodia – Cote d’Ivoire – DR Congo* – Gambia – Ghana – Guinea* – Guinea Bissau – Kenya – Laos – Liberia – Mali* – Morocco* – Mozambique* – Niger* – Nigeria – Palestinian Territory* – Rwanda* – Senegal* – Sierra Leone – Tanzania* – Thailand – Togo – Uganda* – Vietnam.

Priority will be given to projects taking place in countries belonging to the 14 priority partner countries of the Belgian governmental cooperation (with an asterisk in the above list).

It is very important that applicants clearly state in their application: – How they plan to use their projects to advance rresearch in their field; – How they will disseminatte their results (poster, oral communication, teaching,etc); – How their project will contribute to the consservation of biodiversity and/or ecosystem services in their country; – How their project could (in a long oor medium term) contribute to fight against poverty in the South.

Applications must be submitted online before 19 February 2017.

More information regarding the call and online application form can be found on our website here:

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