The September edition of the quarterly WIOMSA Newsbrief is out. The issue features regional news, articles from WIOMSA’s MARG Grantees and stories from newly minted PhDs. The articles include:

  • Managing Non-Academic Impact of Research: Capacity Building for Impact Training held in Mombasa.
  • WIOFish Revamped
  • Training on Scientific Cruise Planning, Oceanographic Sampling, Fisheries and Data Management.
  • MARG Grant: Assessing the vulnerability to future environmental conditions and population structure of the seagrass, Zostera capensis.
  • MARG Grant: Fish, Genes & Genomes: Contributions to Ecology, Evolution & Management, the Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Societies of the British Isles, Bangor, Wales, UK.
  • PhD Thesis: Resilience of Mangroves in the face of Climate change: A Focus on the Impacts of Large Sedimentation Events.
  • PhD Thesis: The Potential of Community Based Coral Aquaculture in Madagascar
  • The InteGRADE Workshop
  • Strategic Adaptive Management Program (SAM) launched in Seychelles.
  • Progress with the proposed marine and coastal Transboundary Conservation Area (TBCA) between Kenya and Tanzania
  • New WIOMSA Publications

Download the full issue.

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