The Shark Fin Soup comic strip

IOC-SmartFish programme is pleased to submit herewith its new publication: a comic strip entitled ‘The Shark Fin Soup’.

The Shark Fin Soup is a project that the Seychellois artist, Peter Lalande, had in mind for a long time. He wanted to tell a story about a cruel practice which deeply shocked him. The project became a reality following a meeting with a group of fishermen from FBOA (The Fishing Boat Owners Association in Seychelles) who were conscious that such practice is not only devastating but also detrimental to the environment they depend upon. Henceforth with the help of the fishermen (FBOA), the IOC-SmartFish programme and FAO, Seychelles Fishing Authority and Green Island Foundation; Peter has worked hard to tell this extraordinary adventure through a didactic comic book. This comic is about sharks and points out the various threats they are facing. It aims at raising awareness about the dangers the sharks are facing nowadays.

We hope that you will find it useful and informative.

Like all SmartFish programme reports, it is available on SmartFish website:


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